A Q&A with Dinet Poortman

Favourite Band

Oh dear… that depends on when you’re asking I suppose. As might be common knowledge, the marvellous 80s have had a huge impact on me (and I suppose on my writing as well). Whilst answering this question, ‘Brave’ by Marillion is playing, they are definitely one of my – if not the – favourite band(s). I’ve seen them live more times than I can remember and it’s always magical. Having said that, when I was growing up I was a big fan of Bryan Adams, I even became a member of the Canadian fanclub! More contemporary, I think Biffy Clyro are an awesome band. The energy they have playing live is inspirational. The same goes for a band like Mogwai. Another band I really admire are Lanterns on the Lake, I’d really like to see them play live. I also like the album Billie Eilish made, the way she sings is very real – and I get to hear a lot of it, since my teenage daughter is a big fan.

Song that changed your life

I think I’d have to go with either Bruce Springsteen’s ‘ Dancing in the Dark’ or ‘Like a Virgin’ by Madonna. I bought both singles growing up and loved them so much. Although they are very different songs, I really like the feel both songs have. At that age I wanted to be both of them I guess 🙂

Bucket List

I think I’m a really lucky girl who gets to do a lot of cool stuff with cool people, but I’d love to play at a festival like SxSw in Austin, Texas. I went there in March 2019 for work and the atmosphere there was really cool. Very laid back, bands playing everywhere in town, and great weather…


I hope the album we most recently did, Nocebo, gets the attention and appreciation I think it deserves. I think there’s craftsmanship in there and the album was made with a lot of love and laughter and the people who contributed are all real troopers!

Favourite Dave Foster Band track

Tricky… I am torn by ‘New York Rain’, ‘Lingering’ and ‘All That Remains’. But I have to go with the first one that will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s the first song Dave and I wrote and I am just so proud of it!

Best musical memory

I think that would be me listening to ABBA when I was younger, the only album my parents owned that I could relate to. Yes, with the hairbrush and all that.

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